Apple rumored to release a thinner iPad 5 in March

Apple is accelerating the speed of product upgrades recklessly. News disclosure yesterday, Apple’s next generation iPad will be released in March of this year. Previously Apple was sued due to updating excessive in Brazil.

HTC first tablet PC product

There is no doubt that 2011 is the Tablet PC, including Apple iPad, Samsung, Motorola, BlackBerry, Acer, HP and other traditional mobile phone manufacturers have released their tablet PC products, but has always been known for a low-key HTC smart devices is very little limelight, then how is HTC Flyer strength in tablet PC market?

Can be found from its packaging, …

HTC Flyer details expression

HTC Flyer use a 7 inch capacitive touch screen, resolution is 1024 * 600 pixel level, the capacitance screen with the stylus next to feel the intensity of the different effects of different shades of handwriting, and it is also equipped with a HTC Sense interface. HTC Flyer is still HTC smart phone commonly used straight rounded shape, This product …

Android 4.0 Tablet, HTC Flyer review

HTC Flyer’s peculiar handwritten pen
HTC Flyer published in February this year, when there is a seemingly ordinary A curious handwritten pen attracted the attention of many people. smart phone from resistive touch screen to now control the capacitive touch screen with your fingers, return to the stylus is a step backwards it? wha is it magical?
The handwritten pen is not …

Dell M301Z Review: low energy consumption processor and excellent portability

Dell M301Z has low energy consumption processor and excellent portability
In the interface configuration aspects, Dell M301Z right designed with the card reader Interface, E-SATA interface, audio interface and network interfaces. The left is a USB interface and power connector. because of the right side of E-SATA interface compatible with USB devices, so this machine a total of three USB ports.
In …

Appearance charming Canon IXUS 220 HS

  • May 11th, 2012
  • Posted by Torres
  • Camera

Canon IXUS 220 HS is the appearance of the most compact 5x optical zoom digital camera. The product material and work aspects has reached the top level of the current digital camera, slim design is not only charming color, and also has excellent shooting performance: 1080p Full HD and support optical zoom, 24mm wide-angle, 240fps high-speed camera, etc., matched with …

Canon IXUS 220 HS Review

Canon IXUS 220 HS uses a 2.7 inch LCD screen, is about 230,000 pixels. From the parameters of view, this LCD screen configuration is not strong, size is slightly smaller, pixel is low, it is not very satisfactory. It is worth mentioning that this LCD screen surface of the glass materials, anti-wear performance is good.

Apple iPad set off tablet PCs trend

Apple iPad set off tablet PCs trend
Apple has sold over 14.8 million iPad in the last three quarters, this product for Apple in Q4 last year contributed $ 4.6 billion in income, the proportion is 17% of total revenue. Obviously, such a nice revenue figures for each computer makers will salivate.
saw has a huge potential market after, many computer manufacturers …

Beautiful HP 8440p

Ever since Intel released a new mobile platform, has been the major PC manufacturers have updated their products, in order to obtain more robust performance expression. In fact, for business people, performance does not become part of the primary focus, but as the HP EliteBook Notebook PC series flagship business, the pursuit of ergonomic design, ease of use and security, …

HP 8440p is the business use model

HP 8440p continue round buckle design, when the laptop folded, round round cap through the slot, the slot of the bracket will be close to the cylinder, so that the roof was firmly stuck in the slot , only through the front of the switch button to open the top cover. The same set of traditional two-stage screen hinge has …