Sarah Palin’s Highest Paid Staffer: Her Make-up Artist

Does anybody knows that who is the Palin’s highest paid staffer? I think nobody would have guessed it. That’s Sarah Palin’s Make-up Artist. Her Make-up atrist earns in two weeks more than some in a year. How will the Republican Party deal with this new revelation? Wouldn’t they realize how the public might react to such a tidbit? I am flabbergasted that the Republican Party doesn’t sense these hot-button issues in advance.

A Huffington atricle report revealed that Sarah Palin’s makeup stylist cost $22,800. And that is just for the first two weeks of October. Apparently they paid her more than any other McCain staffer.

But not only the Huffington Post reports about this. The New York Times reveal that “Amy Strozzi, who was nominated for an Emmy award for her makeup work on the television show “So You Think You Can Dance?”, was paid $22,800.”

Sarah Palin and John McCain explained that these designer clothes is going be donated, it does not answer why it was deemed appropriate to spend these sums in the first place. Surely, clothing for half the amount would have done the trick, too?

But, the question is, there is no solution to explain away the costs of a make-up artist. The Republican Party simply can’t donate any left-over Palin lipstick, or can they? Will this erupt in a new scandal around Sarah Palin?

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