Nintendo DSi LL available for purchase in Japan

Nintendo’s jumbo-sized DSi, the DSi LL, was released in Japan. With “LL” meaning “extra large” in Japanese sizes, the DSi LL launch begs the question: Were the lines LL?

The Nintendo DSi is an excellent portable entertainment system, as was the Game Boy, but the DSi brings gaming on this small machine to a whole other level.

With Nintendo DSi sound, you can upload music onto the DSi – straight from your computer.

You can also record your speech. Once these files are on your DSi, you can warp them, making them fast, slow, high pitched, low pitched, sound like a parakeet, chipmunk, robot or have a high, or low harmony. Overall, the DSi is pretty fun, even without the games you can purchase separately!”

The Nintendo DSi camera feature lets you take pictures of you and your friends and save them on an SD card, so you can download them onto your computer. Once you have taken a photo, you can distort faces, draw on them, add stamps, change the colour of the picture, or make your face look like an IM emotion! You can even post these newly taken pictures on Facebook, if you have a wireless Internet connection.

The DSi LL is bundled with two touch pens: one shorter and one longer touch pen (129.3mm), and comes will three DSiWare titles pre-installed: Two brain training games (one for humanities, the other for sciences) and DS Easy Dictionary. Releasing in three colors, the DSi LL is available in Dark Brown, Wine Red and Natural White.

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