Tips for DELL Laptop when Not Powering On

Did you ever have experienced problem with Dell laptops? For example the following type: Inspiron, Latitude and XPS. These three models is quite often use by people, and they are good sell products of Dell.

It is a common sense that we inspect the power supply by using of a laptop. When you start a laptop, if no lighting up, then you have to check the battery. It maybe the battery is destroyed or the battery connection with the bottom of laptop is bad. Without the power of battery, we need to check the AC adapter, plug in and make sure the AC connection is good. If it is still no lights, then maybe there is something wrong with the chargers.

Do not worry. We got two choices if you are sure your Dell laptop is ok to use or not. If your Dell laptop is still working, then you can consider buying a new battery, this is the expensive way to fix your laptop. A new Dell laptop battery is about 40 USD to 50 USD.

The other one is change your adapter but in this way make cause a lot of problem that you have to plug in anytime and anywhere. The new AC adapter will charge in 15 USD to 25 USD.

If you are lucky enough, maybe it is the problem with cable. You know sometimes this thing will happen, the cable which is connected to the AC adapter and connect to wall may be bad, if in this case, you just need to buy a new cable, wait a minute and test again.

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