Based on JAVA and BREW technology game on mobile phones

JAVA platform good openness and support ability, soon after its optimized renovation in the mobile terminal played an important role. Most of the cell phone manufacturers are anxious to JAVA phones widely application. Although K – the JAVA desktop compared with JAVA or a very limited, but it has significantly improved mobile telephone support game ability,and there is better than SMS or WAP the control interface, allow to use child graphic animation, can connect to a wireless remote server.

Qualcomm development promotion BREW technology, in South Korea and Japan has achieved great success, in China,with the rapid growth of CDMA subscribers, CDMA1X network better data business support ability and BREW better compatible ability, the BREW gamers the number is rising fast, although China’s domestic currently supporting the BREW’s terminal equipment and game developers also as JAVA, but with the popularization of BREW terminal and different phone unified platform standard, let “MoBi escape”, “China mahjong”, “prince of Persia” and other classic games attracted more and more mobile players.

Because at present a mobile phone can’t support both two operation platform, therefore the development different platforms to mobile phone manufacturer of mobile terminals, the pressure,

Based on a JAVA platform China mobile “treasure chest” on pure games species has reached hundreds of money, in the mobile terminal, Nokia phone 40s series and 60s series of download games, the strongest support range,and because type is numerous, NOKIA mobile market share the JAVA than other brands of phones relative to high.

China mobile expressly for global and box game m-zone users promotion, however m-zone users to choose the m-zone is the main reason can enjoy free text messages, Let the user to receive 3,000 yuan part of the phone and a price of $5 each game and a small fee, difficulty.

China unicom advocate of BREW game and not smooth sailing, relevant personage reveals that, the BREW application developers and China unicom headquarters after signed a cooperation agreement, the application does not some place unicom’s approval, because these local company place more emphasis on JAVA market. Launched by China unicom Unijia brand, based on JAVA, most propbably is unicom to meet a great measure of market demand, and UniJa platform the biggest characteristic is “unity”, China unicom for UniJa project formulated a uniform standard, thus provides mobile phone manufacturer and CP/SP work content, through such provisions for the user to provide a unified operation platform, to ensure that all the JAVA application can be implemented on in this platform. Unified standards, the platform for future mobile terminal healthworkers promotion and game business growth bring huge benefits.

The game developers have countless sights on JAVA, BREW the two platform, unusually fierce market competition. No matter what a platform, high quality, download fluent, reasonable charge game is the most highly anticipated cell phone users.

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