Blackberry Playbook brief comments

Blackberry Playbook used the TI OMAP 4430 plan,two Cotex-A9 processor, main frequency is 1 GHz, cooperate with 1 GB RAM space, run too fast. PowerVR SGX540GPU core to join, support 1080 P hd video broadcast and HDMI input, the hardware is it a powerful multimedia function foundation. These for used before the blackberry friend is absolutely is a surprise.

Play hd video, smooth effect has even surpassing the part of the PC, optional configuration low drag the no buffer time, performance very violent.

When is playing the game, In high-definition screen effect very realistic. As a tablet computer, Blackberry Playbook support Flash and HTML5, such design will be better for our mobile Internet experience.

We use Playbook to visit a web page, page Flash information can be quickly complete display, the traditional site on the Flash video can smooth playback.

However, we get it after, found and can’t immediately use, first is need to upgrade. More than 200 MB upgrade package really need we waited patiently for a period of time, if want to use it before you have to pay some price.

To upgrade the firmware though is a good thing, but so frequent frequency for consumers, it is absolutely unacceptable. Thus, from another Angle also can see Playbook listing of the slightly hasty.

In addition,the application of it too few quantity, now,move tablet computer equipment in addition to the price, I believe we value most is applied. Blackberry Playbook built-in browser, Facebook, Twitter, Adobe Reader, Bing Maps,YouTube, Music Store, Dotuments To Go and other applications. App World is the blackberry Playbook important download the application of place, similar to Google’s Market, apple’s App Microsoft, At present, App World is in about 20 classification of dozens of application, for those who use IOS of hundreds of thousands of application people to said, the application of so little number of application is clearly the regret.

In the bridge synchronization function, get rid of the Blackberry Messenger support, In the information options, text messages and instant communication cannot read the news of synchronization. This makes that very powerful to bridge function become less complete. Consumer face the situation is obviously not can satisfied.

Although it is not a enough perfect products, but its presence, or is flat equipment market, especially in smaller size plate fresh blood into the market. We believe that in the future, it will gradually to solve the existing problems, let business users outside of the more consumers to accept and recognition of good products.

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