Distinctive characteristics of blackberry Playbook

For blackberry Playbook, from the name to see that that is the blackberry will own tablet computer given more recreation turn elements. For this product has the following feeling.

The unprecedented multitasking operating

Now,people in the mobile terminal equipment business operational is more and more, need the background program more and more, so many tasks operation has become the people now in the mobile terminal equipment on a function of most value.

Blackberry Playbook give our first big surprise is that good multitasking operating. We try to open up to several application, Playbook doesn’t appear slow phenomenon. At the same time open browser, played high-definition video, music player, game, taking pictures, and other functions, Playbook can still very smooth running the current program.

Using mobile phones around the screen positive black induction area, blackberry Playbook will be able to realize the multiple tasks at will call up and switch. Fingers sliding can realize about in many switch between tasks. The inductive zone around the screen is actually blackberry Playbook brought to us and a big surprise, and that is to bring us the second surprise gestures operation.

Blackberry Playbook’s largest feel is the product a lo tof the black side around. In fact the black side is hidden in the mystery, Because the area is support touch of operation, the goal is to cooperate with blackberry Playbook gestures operation. blackberry Playbook screen around the black areas are inductive zone, a position with their respective role.

In the main standby interface, from up to down, can move shows the Settings menu, here can adjust blackberry Playbook the corresponding setting. In the open a program, from below the screen, can let slip up task to hang up state into the program. This is our living in the middle of the standby interface area will appear the current operation of the some applications, through the sliding around to choose switch. And at this moment the program to continue holding up, which can realize the program drag the fast closure operation, this end of the task must be bigger than direct way to cool off button click.

On both sides of the Playbook is inductive zone. In the open many tasks, in the edge of the screen from left to right slip or from right to left sliding can realize more switching between tasks. This switching more gentle, the reaction rate and the operation of the above mentioned no difference compared.

The up and down or so gesture of operation to join let blackberry Playbook brought more convenient for the users of the experience, also be Playbook attack of similar products a magic weapon.

Blackberry smart phones in the world with 55 million elite users, and blackberry  in a business E-mail aspects of performance doesn’t let you down. Through a group called Blackberry Bridge bridging technology, through the bluetooth put Playbook and your blackberry mobile phone to bridge bridging.

First, open the Blackberry Playbook Settings interface, choose the option of Blackberry Bridge. This is you can clearly see the operation steps.

Second, in your blackberry phone installation can be read, the application of information in planar bar code after successful installation, open, scanning in the Playbook shown on planar bar code. This is the entrance into the Blackberry Bridge phone application download the links. According to clew, then download installation.

Third, installed on mobile phones after the application of the Blackberry Bridge, open to Bridge function. At this time, the system can hint you open the cellular phone bluetooth function, the direct selection to open, then search equipment.

Fourth, this is in the blackberry Playbook Bridge on the set interface we can see the match your blackberry. At this time, blackberry Playbook and conducted a successful connection.

Mobile phones and Playbook to success of bridge after, at that time see what is Playbook screen more?

Blackberry Bridge classification appear, contains the email, contacts, to Bridge the browser, schedule, memos, bridging file view option, this time we can on the Blackberry Playbook enjoy the fun of the operation on DaBing.

After the bridge on the blackberry Playbook, we can read the phone contact information, collection of the messages, the travel schedule items in a memorandum. But regret is the news in the blackberry Playbook, synchronization and can’t read the text messages and blackberry phone unique BBM chat tools of information.

Through the bridge function, in any end matched terminal operation, the instantaneous can synchronization to another device. At the same time Playbook can also through the bridge in the mobile phone no WIFI under the environment of web browsing, such blackberry instant becomes a hot share Internet equipment support, to make up for the temporary not support operators data card support of the Playbook brought good solution. Of course this operating mode of open, for mobile phones and Playbook of life or can produce certain effect.

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