Tablet computer development trend

A source says expected until 2015 tablet PC market will reach $4.9 billion. In the powerful market allure of how to make ourselves, driven by the brand strong performance advantage to motivate consumers’ desire to buy, will become future tablet computer manufacturers the key to survival.

Overview of the market, since the ipad sales climbed, listed by the masses of users fanaticism chase, iPad has gradually impact to other brand computer interests, each big brand blunt market to cope with the good trend and iPad have launched their brand of tablet computer, tablet PC market competition is fierce. No doubt, the enterprise is a series of measures to counter the ipad.

Most popular iPad users of the function were welcome av multimedia,gaming and ebook, cooperate with apple smooth use interface and it the huge number of application software, by many love of consumers. Along with the tablet computer sales market clear-cut, each big brand saw tablet computer that could bring them great interests, have joined tablet computer competition, in order to withstand iPad, each big rival brand more on the operating system paid a lot of effort.

Google Android became the apple IOS contender. According to industry insiders revealed that Google Android3.0 will be the most suitable for tablet computer use operating system, its smoothness and support screen resolution, have a good chance to pose a threat to iPad. But Android3.0 platform until the fourth quarter of the year the fastest to appear. In June of last year, slightly disappointed two brands of the nokia and Intel will make Maemo and Moblin together, launched MeeGo operating system. Microsoft wants to use new physical keyboard to fight iPad virtual keyboard. In addition, other brands, such as hewlett-packard, dell, etc are introduced with independent research and development of the tablet computer operating system.

Ascending performance is the hard truth. As each big brands have launched tablet computer, the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, how in competition invincible, make their products more long walk, is each big brands in consideration of important questions, tablet PCS to the direction of the future will be what the development is also a problem worth pondering. Therefore, flat-panel computer still have a long way to go.

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