Light and humanity ViewPad 7

Perhaps many friends will ask, originally focused on display manufacturers, why do turn the tablet computer? I think this and ViewSonic forward-looking strategic has the very big relations. As you can see, now suggests that the industry of customer service consumer main TV, mobile phone and computer manufacturers, but many profits of producers of DIY in recent years of decline is more serious, it will need to find new market growth point, as early as in ten year, ViewSonic have into the tablet computer market, with more marketing and technology accumulation. 

ViewPad 7 use 7 inch screen, take in the hand feel very light, This is mainly because it is not the mainstream of ABS engineering plastic, but use the more the metallic frame, silver border not only draw the outline of the fuselage line, its contracted degree is relatively more solid let a person be at ease, so no that kind of plastic “light” feeling, but feel  “heavy ” .but does not need for its portability worry, 7 inch about 11 mm thick tablet computer, believe that many of the market or than “big guy” light many.

At present, the tablet computer rarely have rich color design, consider to visual and other factors, usually by the more robust black silver or pure black matching colors, it’s positive for the traditional black border, metallic simple sense of outside the borders of seamless design, make two material one integrated mass, and the edge of the iPhone 4 similar design is quite clever cut right Angle, from any Angle the past will have very strong stereo feeling.

On theright of the screen, is the quick touch key, from top to bottom is return,function,search, homepage and function list. As a common function keys, the four vertical arranged very quickly, touch buttons reflect after will default slight shaking as feedback, and considering the needs of users use at night, joined the white backlighting, can help users accurate find each key, little detail more humane. In addition to screen the touch of the button on the panel, its top still designed a basic adjust the volume of the button. The small size and light weight is this product is the most intuitive advantage.

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