Samsung R780 review

Samsung R780 equipped with Intel Core i5-520 dual core four thread processor, the frequency is 2.40GHz, available through the core technology, the highest frequency is 2.98GHz, with 3MB L3 cache, equipped with Intel HM55 motherboard, 4GB DDR3-1066 memory, 500GB samsung 5400 rpm SATA hard drive, equipped with a nVIDIA GeForce GT 330M 1GB graphics card, preloaded with Windows 7 Home Basic 32 bit operating system.

Hard drive testing, the maximum read speed is 83.2MB / s, average read speed is 66.4MB / s, 17.6 ms response time, CPU usage rate of 3.0%, during the test drive the temperature of 37 ℃. Overall performance is satisfactory.

from NVIDIA released a new mobile platform the GT300M series, we have seen a lot of products available in the market with a good performance GeForce GT 330M or GT 335M graphics card, compared to the GeForce GT 240M,it is not a big performance increase,more or less so that many of the new GT 300M series have high expectations of the user down.

Samsung R580 is equipped with nVIDIA GeForce GT 330M has 48 stream processors, 128-bit memory interface, and 1024MB DDR3 memory.

Samsung R780 at runtime, it internal core temperature is 47-72 ℃, while the graphics processor temperature is between 43-74 ℃, can be seen with a larger body and interior space, the internal temperature control than the small machine type of advantage. Keypad surface temperature of the maximum temperature in the touch panel side, the maximum temperature reached 47.3 ℃.The bottom surface of the most high-temperature heat vent in the left part of the body, reaching 52.4 ℃, the rest of region is the lower temperature,

This product is equipped with a 11.1V, 48Wh, capacity about 4400 mAh lithium battery, the first Windows 7 will be within the power management system adjusted to the energy-saving mode, open wireless network, and the screen brightness to 40%. we can use 3 hours.So, this computer’s overall performance is more satisfied.

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