Toshiba Satellite L510 ‘s upgrade the product L600

Toshiba Satellite L510 as a series of price competition model on the market, by a lot of the attention of consumer. Toshiba Satellite L600 series as the L510 upgrade the product, appearance looks has not changed, but the details of change is obvious.

Satellite L600 use a 14.0-inch LED backlighting LCD, its support for the maximum resolution is the mainstream of the 1366 x 768, and in the screen above  built-in a webcam, convenient for the user to the network video daily applications. Different from L510 series before raised camera design, L600 adopted embedded type design, with screen border as a whole.

The screen border is also different from before L510 grind arenaceous simple sense, become black piano lacquer that bake to process, make it more show fashion. In addition, this product USES all deep under the axis type, so the screen design of border look under is not as wide, visual experience is more good.

Compared with the L510 series before, more is in the details of changes. The whole L600 control area, do not feel that significant changes. But from detail respect, still have a lot of that.

The all control whole area use black colour is tie-in. Because the new L600 series adopt the unibody keyboard design, so palm part of the area before the L510 series by 60 mm wide increased to 70 mm wide.

Compare L510, Can see the keyboard of F1-12 keys with number keys below less the large gap, so that the palm of the pad can be more large, let users more comfortable. And we see in the keyboard area above, also cancelled L510 before on the series multimedia shortcut key. So the power switch button also need not worry to shortcut key design style, From the rectangular into the circle. L600 also increase the One-piece touchpad area, from the L510 54 * 33 mm increase to 82 * 42 mm. At the same time, the left right key also increases accordingly, from 74 mm to 90 mm long.

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