Different general apple acer Liquid mini

Acer Liquid mini uses a 600MHz processor (Qualcomm MSM7227), integrated Adreno200 graphics processing unit, RAM size is 512M. In fact, such this configuration has become theHVGA Android phone standard configuration.as a number of unknown reasons, this product can not run Neocore, the phone’s performance is basic same as HVGA level phones, such as crazy bird, etc games can successfully operate.

System aspects, it is equipped with Android2.2 version, although not the latest version, but comes with a portable WiFi hotspot feature is very useful, when much-needed signal bad case of network access, such functionality is the last straw.

Acer customized the name is “Acer UI” interface for this product, starting from the lock screen, this UI let us feel some unusual places. The phone lock screen with a paper page similar to the dynamic effect, missed calls and new messages, etc. are directly pushed to the lock screen, the user need only pull up the lower left scroll of paper, will be able to solve lock into the main screen. This picturesque unlock method is very interesting.

The second change is from the notification column. Users is not longer able to display a notification column by the drop-down, just a clicks at the top, up to four pages in the notification area will appear in the upper part of the screen. These areas are divided into “notification area”, “USB Control Area”, “quick settings area (Bluetooth, WiFi, etc.)” and “clock zone.” Some people may feel verbose, but I think this change is helpful for enhancing the operational efficiency.

In fact, Acer allows users to Acer UI and Android2.2 native interface to choose their own UI, we are mainly concerned here about this very interesting Acer UI. We can see the main screen the lower part of the program’s Dock area by the usual 2-4 became eight, of course, these can all be replaced. The left side of the main screen is used to show a record of recently used application interface, these records will be displayed in graphical form, this is actually the Android system, and before long press Home button to display the “recently used applications” interface is very similar.

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