Light household dv samsung HMK-300

Samsung HMK-300 is a light and compact full-featured household DV, use Schneider certified 30 times large optical zoom lens, maximum aperture to achieve the F1.8, and have electronic and optical dual image stabilization feature, to make the picture more stable. Samsung H300 is 1080i Full HD recording capabilities ,in 1280 × 720 resolution is up to 50p recording level. At the same time, it uses 1 / 4 inch BSI CMOS sensor, can achieve 5 million pixels, users can easily shoot beautiful night picture.

This product’s built-in function is very powerful, adding today’s popular digital effects, long-range shooting, timed shooting and other functions.on 3-inch touch screen can be done to adjust focus, aperture, shutter, exposure compensation and other operations, greatly simplifying the user in the shooting operation.

Its design is light and compact, size is only: 49.5 × 56.6 × 119.7mm, weight is 228 grams. Such a small volume of DV even fit in your shirt pocket.

It uses a plastic design, coated with metallic paint on the exterior, the overall feel is very light. Body is fewer keys, which means that most of the operation requires a 3 inch touch screen complete. Touch screen is 230,000 pixels, slightly less, but you can complete 180 degree turn, provides users with more viewing angles, but also for providing a convenient self-timer.

The buttons inside the fuselage dv simple and clear, from top to bottom is the power button, the information display switch button, to prevent jitter mode switching button and intelligent auto mode on button. It is worth mentioning that prevent jitter mode button, users can Through this key on the optical prevent jitter and even optical and electronic dual prevent jitter to get a stable picture performance.

It is equipped with a 30x optical zoom lens, can be a good completion of background blur effects. Coupled with the dual function to prevent jitter, users can shoot pictures of the telephoto stable video.. And 30 times optical zoom has more than enough for home users, this product qualified for shooting landscape or home travel record.

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