PlayBook’s origin of the powerful system

Apple iPad 2 following a series of tablet PC market after, the world’s leading mobile phone manufacturers BlackBerry new tablet PlayBook are official opening sell in United States, this product’s strong multi-tasking capabilities and smooth operating experience left us with a deep impression .

BlackBerry PlayBook use a new Tablet OS operating system, iIn early 2011, there were news said BlackBerry maker RIM has signed an agreement to acquire Harman International, a subsidiary of QNX Software Systems, the fact this is the BlackBerry Tablet OS QNX operating system prototype. Harman International in the design, manufacture and marketing for the automotive, consumer and professional markets wide range of audio and infotainment products enjoy a high reputation, and the QNX system early in the “smartphone integration and enhanced with car audio and infotainment systems between the user experience “has a wide range of applications.

n Android to maintain the trend of BlackBerry’s unique style, which is the BlackBerry PlayBook one of the most unique things to watch. Then the Tablet OS system in the end what is it?

RIM acquired QNX beginning, many people in the industry believe that RIM plans to open up car field, was even some foreign media reports: RIM obtained from QNX technology will help in the BMW, Volkswagen, Audi, Toyota, Acura car connected to the mobile phone, iPod and navigation system. However, according to recent dynamics in RIM, RIM does not seem intent to do so, but the application in its own PlayBook on, as the embodiment is different from other tablet computer.

Through the operation of BlackBerry PlayBook experience we can feel, Tablet OS speed can be quite smooth, not even lose on the use of the Apple iPad iOS. I must mention, Tablet OS is a powerful multi-tasking performance iOS none. RIM purchase QNX system after, also attaches great importance to the development of this new platform and use. QNX operating system is low-power intelligent and rich multimedia features, it is said, RIM will also be gradually transferred to the QNX OS from the BlackBerry up, when the BlackBerry smartphone will also be used as QNX system as better long-term solution. Next, we will see with a new operating system BlackBerry release it? Tablet OS has come, I believe that the new BlackBerry QNX system will not be very far away.

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