Precision manufacturing of Apple MacBook Pro

To Live is to change the world, it is clear that Jobs has realized his promise. Difficult to have an IT vendor’s products prior to release so many consumers waiting in line all night to buy, but Apple did. Their product sweeping the world, they almost do the ultimate perfect IT products.

Apple MacBook is after several generations of development, is now very mature, and its details of each product are hundreds of times after the overthrow of the reconstructed determined. The current MacBook Pro has 13 inch, 15 inch and 17 inch three versions,

Survey data show that, at present, high-end notebook, apple notebook concern is the highest. This is also reflected in one hand, the high-end user group for Apple’s notebooks have a high influence, even beyond the extent of Lenovo’s ThinkPad.

Whether iPad, iPhone or MacBook, Apple are making the product concept is “people oriented”, many notebook manufacturers in the design of the product when the notebook is only concerned about the appearance, but for real application problems, I am afraid is to do a Windows . However, Jobs made Apple’s dedication and determination of their own has been on the road with. By feel this Apple MacBook Pro 17, we feel apple, even jobs will have more profound understanding. 

Even today, almost all laptops are designed the same way: a lot of parts to assemble, and then put into the shell; However, once all the necessary components to increase, will increase the weight, volume, complexity, and greater failure probability. Apple MacBook Pro to make the design more compact, it use integration technology, which allows the use of computer numerical control machine tools cutting into one single block of aluminum forming shell material, it brings direct benefit is that can be more thin.

17 inch Apple MacBook Pro’s screen with a 1920 x 1200 resolution, 16:10 ratio panel, the screen display is very delicate, compared to ordinary notebook’s display is a great advantage.

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