Meticulous costly notebook Dell Alienware M17x

Dell Alienware M17x comprehensive upgrade of the configuration, the processor and graphics card performance has been greatly improved, Dell Alienware has once again proved that high-end  brand in the leading position in this field. Now it is difficult to have a laptop in the performance of the new Alienware M17x can beyond.

In appearance design aspects, this machine compared to the previous product did not make any difference, it uses the same anodized aluminum top cover design, materials can be described as quite luxurious. In addition to “abnormal levels” of hardware configuration, I believe that many of its Alienware fans are being attracted to the outstanding design process. Indeed, we see that each Alienware product can be an IT is a work of art, they are sturdy tough style that really irresistible.

It even packing is a handicraft, Alienware M17x is excellence in every detail, it is difficult to find another package of a product can have intentions to do so.

Alienware brand has been able to develop a culture, the pursuit of the perfect design is intrinsically linked. Even the common instructions are able to do so exquisite, which is why we did not expect.

Most Alienware notebooks are based on the anodized aluminum shell material as a notebook Shell material, the material itself is very hard, and also has a strong corrosion resistance and thermal conductivity. However, this material as higher manufacturing costs, so we can in these high-end notebook can see it.

Notebook performance too will lead to the increase of heat within the chip, in order to better ensure the cooling, Alienware M17x use a three fan design. However, while ensuring heat dissipation, but we found the machine when the fan is running at full speed the sound is still very large, and this is the price of aspire extreme performance.

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