HP 8440p is the business use model

HP 8440p continue round buckle design, when the laptop folded, round round cap through the slot, the slot of the bracket will be close to the cylinder, so that the roof was firmly stuck in the slot , only through the front of the switch button to open the top cover. The same set of traditional two-stage screen hinge has become the HP EliteBook series of classic design, with an alloy to strengthen steel shaft damping hinge design make this notebook computer, when opening and closing the screen lid to provide well-balanced resistance, and when we pick up the laptop gently shaken, the screen did not appear abnormal sound or loose and so on.

Due to the type shaft design, this notebook’s screen to cover the maximum open angle of more than 180 degrees. Also in the cover the screen when opened, two things occur, if you slow dial button to open the top cover off the screen with one hand alone then all operations can be completed; but for impatient users, two hands co-operation is inevitable, otherwise the keyboard base will cover along with the stubborn lift.

Top of the screen still has built-in camera and keyboard lighting devices, but the camera improve to 2 million pixel, with HP SkyRoom software, which can make it easier for business people anytime, anywhere with remote meetings and business discuss, and also timely record the highlights of life. In addition, and then with Business Card Reader software business card scanning business card scanning will be able to easily contact data in the notebook.

Although HP 8440p is similar to 6930p, but the details are still a more comprehensive change. The top of the operating area is a metallic boot key. In the black mirror surface decoration of the extensive use touch button, when the machine is running, and these touch buttons light to bring more technology sense, can also help business users to relieve tension in the office under the emotions. The biggest change is the keyboard design, matte surface with a subtle process. so for operation skilled business people to bring a lot of convenience.

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